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Adidas ‘women’s clothing’ to debut at Nike World Championships

Adidas ‘women’s clothing’ to debut at Nike World Championships

Adidas is launching a new line of women’s fashion in the run-up to the Nike World Championship. 

The line will feature high-end clothing and accessories for women. 

It will include high-fashion and womenswear with designs inspired by the world’s greatest athletes, including athletes like US women’s swimming champion Natalie Coughlin, world records holder Usain Bolt and world record holder Usana Fisher. 

“It’s a really great line of high-quality women’s apparel for women,” Adidas’ director of sport, Yannick Le Galli, told reporters at the launch in Milan. 

She said the range will be available from February and will be sold at the US Olympic team’s home store.

“I think it’s a real strong statement in terms of the women’s sports and the women in sport, to look after the values that we share, to celebrate our values, to help each other,” Le Gallis said. 

A statement from Adidas said it was creating a new range of women, womens and children’s apparel in the next few months, which will include items for women and children as well as children’s clothing and footwear. 

Earlier this year, Adidas announced a new, women’s football-inspired range of products aimed at women.

It was a reaction to the fact that the company had lost some of its leading brands to rival brands such as Nike and Adidas. 

Last year, Nike said it would sell only women’s shoes for the next two years as it tried to diversify its sales base, with a focus on women’s sport. 

Adidas has had a strong run in the womens shoe market, with the company having a market share of around 17% in the world. 

Its biggest rival, Adidas Originals, has a market cap of around 10%.

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