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How to buy clothes for the ’80s in Kerala

lafence in the Kerala government’s push to boost the manufacturing sector is one of the major factors behind the loss of millions of jobs in the state’s textile and garment sector.

In the past decade, Kerala has lost nearly 5.4 lakh manufacturing jobs and a quarter of its textile industry.

In 2014, the state had 8.6 lakh textile and textile-related jobs.

“The textile industry is a big one.

In fact, it is the only sector that has lost jobs,” said S.R. Kannan, who heads the Centre for the Study of Globalization (CSG), an independent think-tank.

“It is a very small number.

This is a massive loss of jobs.

But the state is in the process of restructuring.

They are trying to do a massive restructuring, so that they can get the manufacturing job back.”

According to the CSG, there are now more than 100,000 textile manufacturing units in the country.

Many of these units employ over 3,000 people, many of whom are employed in the textile and apparel industries.

This includes the workers of the textile mills, textile mills and garment mills.

While Kerala’s textile industry had a total employment of 4.9 lakh workers in 2012-13, that number has fallen to 1.8 lakh.

“The textile sector is losing its employment and the state government is not doing anything about it.

It is a huge job loss,” said K.

Rishi, an executive member of the Kerala Manufacturers Association.

According to Kannon, in a state where a textile industry accounts for about 10% of the state economy, the textile sector accounts for around 25% of employment.

In 2016-17, the Kerala Industrial Development Corporation (KIDC) had about 8,500 textile manufacturing workers, of which 7,400 were employed in textile factories.

The state has about 12,200 textile workers, the highest number in India.

“There are about 300 factories in Kerala and only one is in textile.

This one is located in Ernakulam.

The textile industry in Kerala is small.

There is no industry in the rest of the country where there is textile.

There are only a handful of textile factories in India,” said L.S. Sharma, president of the Institute of Technology and Industrial Policy (ITIIPP), a research organisation based in Kerala.

“This is a major loss of the industrial sector in Kerala, which has been badly affected by the government’s efforts to boost its textile sector.

The industrial sector is also the major employer of the elderly.

The elderly population is a vulnerable demographic in the region.

These are the reasons why the textile industry has suffered in the past few years.”

The government has tried to boost textile manufacturing with a number of schemes.

The Maharashtra State Industrial Development (MISA) Scheme has been in place for two decades, and it is supposed to create more than 5,000 manufacturing jobs.

This has resulted in over 100,00 manufacturing jobs being created in Maharashtra alone.

In 2013, the Maharashtra State Planning Commission (MSPC) announced that it would provide a subsidy of Rs 25,000 crore for textile manufacturers.

The government also has schemes like the Kerala Rural Employment Guarantee (KSEG) and Kerala Industrial Policy Plan (KIPP).

KSEG is a Rs 4,000-crore scheme for rural women’s empowerment and the KIPP is an Rs 3,500-croere scheme to increase textile employment in the State.

The schemes have been in existence since 2007.

In 2015, the KSEGs, which are funded by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, was announced.

The scheme provides financial support to the State’s textile industries for a period of five years, which is intended to be for a five-year period.

The KSEGA is designed to incentivise textile industries to invest in plant construction and equipment.

The KSEGG is intended for industrial enterprises.

KIPPs are aimed at promoting manufacturing of clothing and footwear and other products.

In 2015-16, there were over 200,000 such schemes in the States.

Kerala is one the most important manufacturing states in the nation.


Rishi, who works with the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the textile job losses have been very much on the rise.

“In 2015-18, Kerala lost 3.3 lakh textile manufacturing jobs, and this figure has increased every year.

The last year, the job losses rose to 10.8 thousand.

In 2021-22, the number was 7.3 thousand.”


S Sharma, chairman of the ITIIPP, said that in the last three years, there has been a dramatic drop in textile manufacturing in the Indian state.

“There are a lot of things that are happening in the industry.

It has been privatised.

There have been many government-sponsored projects.

The government has not been keeping its promise. The

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