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Female Tech-wear company, Sustainability Institute, aims to reduce ‘unsustainable’ tech sourcing

Female Tech-wear company, Sustainability Institute, aims to reduce ‘unsustainable’ tech sourcing

Sustainably-minded companies are taking aim at the world of tech, with the launch of the Women’s Technology Centre in India.

Founded by the Centre for Sustainable Technology in 2015, the organisation aims to empower women and girls in their careers through an online platform and a series of events.

It has already been hosting an event for a group of students to celebrate their first year in India, which has been viewed more than 11 million times.

The group has also partnered with an education institute, SIT, to provide a course on sustainable tech to their students.

The students have also started an initiative called Women in Tech, which is aimed at teaching young women the value of working in technology.

In addition, they have launched a programme called The Technology Institute to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and to educate girls about the importance of technology in the lives of young women.

The programme aims to create a space for girls to develop a passion for technology and the role that technology can play in their lives.

It is also an initiative aimed at educating young women about their rights in tech. 

“Tech is not just for the young.

We must empower girls to pursue their dreams and take a leading role in the future,” said Shree Nair, an executive director of SIT.

The women’s centre aims to educate the young women on their rights and responsibilities as technology users. “

Women and girls are increasingly coming forward to become tech-savvy, and with the rise of digital media and social networking, we need to empower more young people and inspire them to explore technology in a meaningful way.” 

The women’s centre aims to educate the young women on their rights and responsibilities as technology users.

According to the centre’s website, the centre aims at providing a platform where women can come together and share their stories, experiences and ideas. 

The SIT also hosts a series, Women in Technology, which focuses on the role technology can have in empowering young women in their work. 

According to the organisation, the programme aims at educating girls about their right to education, to become part of the workforce and to take a leadership role in shaping a better future for themselves and their communities. 

SIT also aims to train young women to become better at technology.

The organisation, founded by former SIT professor and tech evangelist, Satya Subramaniam, aims at helping young women gain a critical mass of technology skills.

The centre aims for the students to become the leaders of their communities, develop a team and start their own companies. 

For the women’s programme, the organisers are focusing on women in technology from an early age.

They are also working with a range of organisations, including the Centre For Entrepreneurship, the Tata Institute of Social Innovation, The Institute of Science and Technology, the Institute of Design and Technology and the Indian Institute of Technology. 

Some of the initiatives the women have undertaken include: setting up a mentorship programme for young women; developing a ‘girl-in-tech’ programme to give girls a platform to learn and engage in the technology sector; organising an event to celebrate the start of their first month of school; and working with NGOs and the IT ministry to build more digital literacy. 

In her maiden speech at the launch, Subramanniam told the women that she was honoured to be invited to speak at the centre. 

She said that the idea for the Women in the Tech Centre came from her personal experiences as a mother and grandmother.

“I know how important it is to empower young women and I am determined to make this a reality,” she said. 

 ‘I am not a tech person’ In an interview with TechCrunch, Subra said that she had never heard of a woman in tech before she started the Women In Tech Centre.

“But the more I learn about the role of women in the tech world, the more it becomes clear that it is something that is not a new phenomenon.

Women are a part of our technology world, it’s just that they are invisible,” she told TechCrunch. 

While it is not clear if the organisation will be able to provide women with jobs in tech, Subras comments indicate that there is a lot of hope.

“When I first started working in the industry I felt like I was just a kid in the world.

I felt I was doing nothing.

Now, I feel like I have a responsibility to make sure this happens.

I have never heard anyone in my industry say anything like this, and I know this is a start,” she added. 

‘It is the right thing to do’ The Women in The Tech Centre was founded by Subra in 2013 and is currently running a mentoring programme.

It aims to build the network of young people who will empower women.

“This is a very