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Why are women wearing jeans?

Why are women wearing jeans?

This week, a pair of British men who spent years studying the origins of the jeans movement were invited to wear jeans for the first time.

In a video from the BBC’s The View, the pair of men — Andrew Hirsch and Ben McTaggart — are shown in a new denim-inspired dress with the words “It’s about time.”

The pair had spent years examining the origins and evolution of the denim movement, and were hoping to find a way to celebrate the new trend with a denim-themed dress.

But in order to get the idea off the ground, the two men had to take their ideas from the culture of ancient Egypt.

“It’s actually pretty amazing that people are still wearing jeans today,” Andrew Hirst said.

“If I had not gone there, I probably wouldn’t have thought of it.”

“It has a very strong connection to the past,” he continued.

“I think people will look back at what they wore then, and say, ‘Oh my God, that’s not the look I wanted.'”

“It would be amazing to have something like that in the UK,” Ben McPartland added.

“The whole world would be a bit lost in the moment, and we would just sit around, and watch our jeans go.”

Hirsch and McTaugart spent years researching and designing jeans for a forthcoming study of denim’s origins, and are thrilled to have had the opportunity to wear their creations in the show.

“The idea came to me the day we were going to wear them on the show,” Hirsch said.

“We thought, ‘This is something that we’re going to make into a video.'”

In a series of Instagram posts that followed the show, the duo detailed their experience of getting started in the denim industry and the process of creating their first jeans.

The pair said they’ve already received a number of compliments on their work, and hope to be able to continue the conversation about the meaning of denim in the future.

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