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How to dress for your Turkish winter: Tips and tricks

How to dress for your Turkish winter: Tips and tricks

How to keep your clothes warm during the winter months?

If you’ve been to Turkey, you’ve likely noticed the weather is unusually cold.

But there are plenty of ways to keep yourself warm in winter.

Here are some tips and tricks for dressing for the cold season.1.

Keep your coats warm2.

Use a scarf or hat3.

Keep an umbrella4.

Bring a warm blanket to use as a scarf5.

Use waterproof fabric for blankets and sleeping bags6.

Keep a towel or coat hanger for extra warmth7.

Wash your hands before and after each use8.

Use warm clothes to help keep you warm in the winter7.

Keep warm clothes in the car and outside8.

Dress appropriately for your style in the summer9.

Wear gloves when you leave home and outside10.

Bring an umbrella to shelter yourself when it gets too cold11.

Use an umbrella when you are outside12.

Make sure you keep your scarf or head scarf handy to keep you safe when you’re outside13.

Dress in layers14.

Bring extra blankets to help you stay warm15.

Wear a hat when you have a long day16.

Dress smart when you travel17.

Use headwear to protect your eyes18.

Use gloves to protect yourself from cold weather19.

Use sunscreen for protection20.

Dress as a woman in the cold21.

Keep cool with a hat and scarf22.

Dress like a woman when you shop online23.

Wear long sleeves when you go to the mall24.

Use hats to keep cool in the sun25.

Use sunglasses to protect you from the sun26.

Dress casually when you wear clothes27.

Wear the right socks when you walk in the shower28.

Wear your hair short when you shower29.

Use eye makeup to blend into your surroundings30.

Dress to blend in with your family31.

Wear loose clothing for warmth and comfort32.

Use socks for warmth in the rain33.

Use layers to protect from the elements34.

Wear comfortable shoes for the snow season35.

Keep clothing on your body36.

Use clothing and makeup as protection for your skin37.

Keep watertight to keep the snow out of your eyes38.

Keep it simple39.

Wear layers as your winter essentials40.

Use your winter accessories to stay warm41.

Use masks for protection42.

Wear earmuffs to protect against the elements43.

Wear an umbrella44.

Dress warm in your home45.

Wear shoes with a soft rubber sole to help protect your feet from the cold46.

Dress with a scarf for warmth47.

Wear winter coats to keep from getting snowed in48.

Wear hoodies to keep snow out on the streets49.

Wear goggles when outdoors50.

Dress for the weather in your house51.

Use light clothing to keep warm in dark places52.

Wear warm hats and gloves53.

Use handwarmers54.

Wear lightweight winter clothing to stay cool55.

Keep the weather cool by keeping a hat out for a walk56.

Wear hat covers to protect the face57.

Use blankets for warmth58.

Keep clothes warm by keeping them on in the kitchen59.

Keep in mind that wearing clothes makes you more vulnerable to cold weather60.

Wear eye protection when outdoors61.

Wear clothing to protect skin62.

Wear protective glasses when outdoors63.

Use long sleeves to protect people in public environments64.

Wear glasses to protect eyes65.

Wear sunglasses to help stay cool66.

Dress up in clothes when you visit family in the holiday season67.

Wear cool clothes for a night in your hometown68.

Wear light clothing for a day in the city69.

Dress cool in your office70.

Use rain gear when you need a quick snack71.

Wear boots for a quick run in the park or at the park in the afternoon72.

Use boots for quick runs in the garden73.

Wear socks for quick running in the yard74.

Wear waterproof hats to protect feet in cold weather75.

Wear waterproof gloves to keep cold air out of windows76.

Wear hats to help prevent frostbite77.

Wear sturdy boots to help block wind and keep your feet dry78.

Wear bulky winter coats for a chilly evening79.

Wear jacket and gloves to help reduce the chance of getting frostbite80.

Wear thick winter jackets to keep in shape81.

Use winter gloves to prevent frost bite82.

Wear rain gear to help avoid frostbite83.

Wear pants and boots for protection84.

Wear hiking boots for cold weather85.

Wear dark clothes to protect ears86.

Wear sandals to protect hands from cold winds87.

Wear high heels to help stop cold air88.

Wear heavy winter coats and boots to keep warmer weather from blowing away89.

Wear wool socks to keep heat away90.

Wear face masks and face covers for protection91.

Wear full-face protection for winter weather92.

Wear extra layers for extra comfort93.

Wear thin layers for protection94.

Wear sunscreen to protect hair and face95.

Wear short-slee

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