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Why a woman’s decision to wear a hijab matters to me

Why a woman’s decision to wear a hijab matters to me

Posted November 10, 2018 07:11:23I’m a woman in the UK.

I’m working in the hospitality sector, and my husband is a GP.

The couple’s been together for 12 years.

As a member of the NHS, we’re well paid and secure.

In fact, I’ve got a pretty decent salary and we’ve both got a fantastic house.

The couple is a very conservative Muslim family who has chosen to live in the city for several years.

Their house has been built on a plot of land where a large building once stood.

My husband and I have been to the mosque regularly since we were teenagers.

I have always felt like a little sister to my husband.

I’ve always loved wearing a headscarf.

I grew up in the Middle East and my mum was the first woman I met in the Muslim community.

But I’m not going to give up wearing my headscarves.

It is part of my identity.

My Muslim upbringing has taught me that being a Muslim in this country means different things to different people.

So when my husband told me about his decision to leave his job to work as a GP, I was confused and shocked.

I am now a proud Muslim woman who proudly wears a hijab.

I don’t wear it to work or in public.

My faith means that I have to stand in front of people and say it is a religious obligation to wear hijab.

When I wear it, it is not to attract attention.

It’s a statement that I am a woman.

And I’m proud of it.

I feel like I have my faith and I can be myself.

It also allows me to be independent.

I’m proud that my husband has made the decision to retire.

I love him dearly and I am not going anywhere.

But there is one thing I don�t want to do, and that is to be a burden on his family.

I will never leave them.

My husband is not going back to work, and I’m hoping he can find a job in a hospital.

I�ve been working as a receptionist for a few months now and my salary has increased from £9 to £13 an hour.

I am doing a lot of volunteer work and my main priority is helping people.

I know I have a lot to offer the community.

I work with children, and with some older people.

I do a lot with young people and I want to show that Islam can be a positive force for good.

And I’m a proud and active Muslim woman.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said in September that she would look at the hijab as a symbol of women’s empowerment and diversity.

She has yet to say whether she will implement the ban.

But the ban is being seen by some Muslim women as an opportunity to highlight the plight of the Muslim minority in Britain, particularly those who are working in a male-dominated sector.

Many women in Britain have felt threatened by the growing trend of headscarfs, including some who wear the burka or niqab, or other head coverings. 

The British Muslim Association (BMA) has been campaigning against the hijab since the 1990s, when it banned it for women in some public spaces, such as the shops where women were sold.

In the UK, the BMA campaigns to make it more difficult for women to be discriminated against.

Its policy has not changed since then, with the BAA now arguing that wearing the hijab in public is a “minority issue” and is “a fundamental right.”

“There is no reason why women should not wear the hijab on public transport or in shops,” said Imraan Siddiqui, the chief executive of the BCA, in a statement to The Globe and Mail.

“This ban is the latest example of a discriminatory government policy that is based on religion and the right to practise one�s religion.”

The BMA has been lobbying the government to extend the ban to all public spaces where women are likely to be seen.

The BTA said in its statement that it supports the right of all people to wear the scarf, but that the ban on wearing the veil in public places should be expanded to include men.

The BAA has been trying to pressure the government for more than a decade to extend it.

It is also campaigning for the hijab to be banned from school, saying that it encourages women to become “a symbol of exclusion.”

The group has also written to Theresa May, arguing that it would “create an unfair and discriminatory environment for Muslim women and girls who may be subject to harassment and discrimination on a daily basis.”

“We cannot accept a society that is unwilling to address the issue of the hijab, which is a symbol that is essential to our identity and that must be embraced and respected by everyone,” the BTA statement said.

This is not the first time the BBA has lobbied for a ban on the hijab

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