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How to dress like a woman in the 21st century

How to dress like a woman in the 21st century

The world’s first women’s fashion magazine is out.

The Womens Fashion and Beauty magazine is being launched on Feb. 10.

And it’s about to become more than just a fashion guide, as well.

“We want to tell women what they need to look like and feel like, in a way that has a feminist point of view,” says editorial director Michelle Smith.

Women are expected to look better and look younger.

But there’s also a big focus on fashion.

“In this society where people think they’re looking sexy and cute, we think women should look and feel good,” Smith says.

The magazine is named after the ancient goddess Aphrodite, whose likeness appears in the cover and is on the back of the new edition.

It’s a celebration of the women’s liberation movement.

The new edition of Womans Fashion & Beauty is the first in a series that is to include a guide to female fashion.

It features a range of styles and accessories for the women, ranging from dresses and skirts to accessories, handbags, earrings and nail polish.

“The women’s movement started in the ’60s,” Smith explains.

“Women were saying, ‘We want our bodies to be more feminine, and we want our hair to be shorter.’

We’re going to be changing the way women dress.”

The WOMENS fashion guide will feature more than 100 topics including makeup, hairstyles, fashion and fashion trends.

The cover features the image of the goddess Aphroditis, holding a torch.

“As we celebrate the rise of women’s power and the empowerment of women, it is so important to know who we are, who we want to be and what our goals are,” Smith continues.

“What we’re doing here is a celebration.”

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