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Why the Westport store is getting its own website

Why the Westport store is getting its own website

The Westport Mall, a shopping mall in Westport, Conn., has hired a former Westport police detective to work as its website designer.

The site will feature a selection of items, including a wide variety of clothing, but it will be open to anyone, according to the mall’s marketing department.

The company is seeking a web design professional to help the mall in creating the site, which is a joint venture with WCPO-TV.

“The website will be available for free to anyone who signs up for an account, and it will include information on what items will be on the website and when,” said mall spokesperson Michelle Dominguez.

“It will also include information about how to contact us and if you have questions about the product or service you are interested in.”

The Westport mall said it hired Marc Berrios to work on the design of the website in April.

It said he’s had a variety of clients and worked in a variety the media.