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Which is better: the pink or the orange?

Which is better: the pink or the orange?

New research shows that if you buy a pink shirt, it will look more feminine than an orange one.

The findings, from the London School of Economics, suggest that the colour is perceived as more feminine, and that the wearer is more likely to choose a pair of orange shirts over a pink one.

The findings have prompted the retailer Zara to change its pink shirts from pink to orange.

It has been in the works since the mid-1990s, when researchers from the LSE first started to investigate the issue.

The research suggests that a “slight pink” in a shirt, when worn in conjunction with an orange shirt, can enhance the wearer’s appearance, according to the researchers.

It is unclear why the findings differ between orange and pink.

But the researchers suggest that orange-coloured shirts can appear more feminine because they are perceived as less restrictive, as well as more attractive.

The LSE researchers also found that wearing orange shirts with a pink or pink tie could boost the wearer ‘feel of self’ more than wearing a pink tie.

However, the researchers also cautioned that there are advantages to choosing an orange colour for your shirt.

For instance, it might help you feel more feminine and more confident.