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Women in Turkey wear hijab in protest against sexual harassment

Women in Turkey wear hijab in protest against sexual harassment

Istanbul, Turkey — A group of Turkish women dressed in headscarves, the hijab and traditional headscarf, have been demonstrating against sexual assault in Istanbul and surrounding areas.

The protesters said they want to take a stand against sexual abuse in the country.

In an exclusive interview with The Times, one of the protesters said the protests are an expression of solidarity with other women in Turkey who have been harassed in recent months.

“We are protesting against sexual misconduct in Turkey, especially the sexual harassment that takes place in Istanbul, as well as the police and other government officials,” said Zana, a 26-year-old Turkish citizen of Turkish descent.

Zana said she was sexually assaulted at age 13, during a party she was invited to, by her family’s friend.

After the attack, she said, she decided to leave her home, and took a job at a beauty salon, only to be followed and sexually harassed by her boss, who also worked there.

Zana, who was able to leave Turkey for a few months, said she has been harassed and attacked since then.

I have a son who has suffered from sexual harassment, and the police can’t even protect him.

Zana said her son has been hospitalized several times due to his injuries.

Zakhar, another protester, said that after she left Turkey for several months, her husband was attacked and harassed in the streets of Istanbul.

She said that she also was harassed when she went to a beauty parlor to get a haircut.

They said that they were assaulted, and were assaulted with rocks and bricks.

Kamal, another participant in the demonstration, said her husband, a former soldier, was sexually harassed in Istanbul while he was in the army.

Since he had recently returned to Turkey, Kamal said that the harassment continued, even though he returned home.

It is not safe to be a Turkish woman.

It is also not safe for us to speak out.

 “I am a woman of color.

It hurts that the state is doing this, even in Turkey,” Kamal told The Times.

This is not a small group.

I feel that the world is watching, and this is not just a small problem, she added.

We are in a moment of great importance in our country.

It’s a very sad time in our society, she concluded.

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