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Top 20 women’s clothes for the spring and summer, new trends and fashion news

Top 20 women’s clothes for the spring and summer, new trends and fashion news

A new collection of fashion trends and styles for the Spring and Summer season has been released.

The collection includes a number of new designs that are inspired by the British people, including women’s coats and dresses, blouses, blazers and more. 

“We’re very proud to introduce our Spring and Fall collection and look forward to welcoming the new season,” said Claire Fogg, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Gildan Activewear UK. 

This collection also features new styles inspired by Britain’s past and heritage, with the new ‘A-line’ look for the Fall and Winter seasons.

“We’ve also updated our Fall and Spring collections, bringing together our collection with a new collection that showcases the latest trends in women’s fashion from around the world.

The range includes a variety of timeless, classic and modern pieces from brands such as Gildans, Stella McCartney, H&M, Topshop and more.” 

Clare added: “Our Spring collection is an exciting and diverse collection that features an array of high-fashion silhouettes and fabrics that showcase the breadth of British fashion.” 

The collection is currently available at select Gildand retailers across the UK.

“This collection is a great addition to the range of our new collection, featuring a range of women’s fashions, including a selection of classic and contemporary pieces, and a range that will keep you entertained all year round,” said Claire. 

The Spring and Winter collection is available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large, and is available for £59.99. 

Clair added: “The new Spring and Autumn collection is designed to celebrate our country’s history and heritage and to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions of the UK and the world.” 

More details on Gildan’s Spring and Fall collections will be released in the coming weeks. 

Gilda Fogg is Head of Gift and Brand Management at Gildantown Gildanz, the UK’s largest specialist jewellery and accessories store. 

 Follow Claire Fogg on Twitter: @ClaireFoggGildand  More information on GildAN: www.gildan.com Gilded &Golden: gildand.com/news

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