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Women’s Tactical Clothing: Ranging From Hoodies to Hoodies

Women’s Tactical Clothing: Ranging From Hoodies to Hoodies

FourFourSeconds ago, the hashtag #Women’sTacticalClothing was trending worldwide.

The movement started with a tweet by the US women’s team’s coach Ashley Wagner, who described how she would sometimes get women wearing “pretty casual” clothes to practice their skills.

“I would get a team of girls who were very smart and very focused, but they had no uniforms on,” Wagner said.

“They had their hoodies on and their pants and their T-shirts.

They had no bras.

It was just a very casual day.

I just would ask them, ‘What’s on your mind?

What are you thinking?’

And they’d say, ‘Well, I’m thinking about how I can be more successful.’

So I would ask, ‘Are you excited about what you’re going to do with your life?'”

The hashtag was picked up by thousands of women around the world, and a few weeks later, the United Nations adopted it as a global campaign.

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