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How a bikini-clad woman survived a shark attack on a yacht

How a bikini-clad woman survived a shark attack on a yacht

By Katie Stoddart, CBC NewsA female British woman’s ordeal at sea has made headlines worldwide.

Stoddart says she was on a sailboat in the Caribbean when a shark was spotted on the water, and it struck her leg.

She says she had to be carried ashore by a crew member and was treated for a broken leg and bleeding on her leg and arm.

She says the woman who rescued her, a woman in her 40s, is now being hailed as a hero for her actions.

Struck by a sharkStoddard says the victim was a British woman who was on board a yacht and that the victim’s leg was broken.

“She got out, took a shower and got back in her boat and she was then surrounded by the other boats and I think there were a couple of other women who were on board and that’s how I got there,” she said.

The victim was treated at a hospital in Jamaica for a fracture in her right leg.

Stood on a boat for three hoursThe British woman was on the yacht when she says she saw a shark come towards her.

“I’m just standing on a big boat on a beach and I see this shark coming and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, what the heck are we going to do?'”

Stoddam says she tried to get a hold of her own boat, but it was too far away and she couldn’t get it into the water.

She then made her way onto the yacht, where she said she saw the shark again.

“You could see the shark come right up to me, so I just turned around, and then I was in the water,” she says.

“And then I saw a lady on the boat, and she’s just standing there holding her leg on the side of the boat and just kind of holding onto it.”

The woman on the other side of her says she could hear a lot of shouting and swearing from the shark.

“They were all yelling and swearing, it was just crazy,” she told CBC News.

“It was a really scary situation.

It’s scary.”

The British man was also on the same boat, according to the woman, and he too got into the sea.

Stokes says he was later picked up by a fishing boat.

He’s now in Jamaica and will be reunited with his wife.

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