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How to get your new shirts and sweaters in the mail

How to get your new shirts and sweaters in the mail

It has been an exciting summer for European women’s soccer, with three World Cup games, a European Championship and the 2018 European Championship being held in Russia and France.

In Italy, the Italian women’s national team are currently ranked third in the European Championships rankings, and they have been dominating their league games in their home country.

This has earned them their first-ever victory against the defending champion Germany.

With the tournament underway, we thought we’d share with you our top tips for how to order your first-choice European shirts and jerseys.

First, order from the official shop of the Italian federation.

This can be done by clicking on the shop logo on the top left of the page, or via the order button on the left of your browser.

If you don’t already have an account with the Italian Football Federation, log in with your e-mail address and password.

You can also use a third-party service such as FbChat or Fb Messenger to order from an official Italian football shop.

If you are on a mobile phone, download Fb Chat and log in using your current phone number.

If there are more than one shop you would like to buy from, click on the Order button and enter your preferred shopping centre.

This will take you to a shopping cart where you can then select your preferred option for the jersey and shirt.

If all else fails, you can also request a custom shirt from a professional shop.

This service costs €150.

You will then be asked to confirm that you want the shirt, and if you do, the shirt will be shipped to you.

The shop will then ask you for the delivery address and a shipping address.

Once the order has been completed, the shop will send you a confirmation e-card.

The final step in order to order is to enter the delivery details.

Once you have confirmed that your address is correct, a receipt will be sent to you, along with a tracking number.

For more information on the Italian national team, including the latest news and results, visit the Italian Women’s Football website.

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