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The world of the fashion of the 1930s

The world of the fashion of the 1930s

The world was a strange place when I was growing up in Brisbane.

I was the first child to go to a public school, and it was a world where women wore dresses to school.

It was the year I turned five, and the only time I’d ever seen a dress.

I’d never seen anything like it.

There was no sense of modesty, no sense that women should be modestly dressed.

When I grew up, there was no need to show your skin, no need for a skirt.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that there was a fashion movement for women’s clothes.

There were lots of different styles of dresses, and when I first saw them, they looked so different, but then they started to merge together.

I had never seen a woman’s dress that was so different from a man’s dress, but it was always so glamorous.

The trend for a long time was for women to wear trousers and skirts and sometimes dresses.

In those days, they didn’t know how to sew, and they didn-t have the technology to make it.

So you’d see all the dresses that women had, and you’d think: I don’t want to be like that.

So I thought, why not try something different?

And I just took off the skirt.

But I think that’s how I got the idea to try out a different type of dress.

The clothes I was wearing at the time were actually quite conservative, but I still wore it because I liked it, and I think my mum, who I’m sure was pretty proud of it, would have liked it too.

I guess I thought that it would make me look a bit more glamorous, because I’m not a bit of a girl, but my mum would have said: it’s not a big deal.

I remember telling my mum I was going to try on a dress and she just went, ‘That’s the look you want.’

I thought she was really proud of me, and she was very proud of the fact that I was willing to try something new.

In the mid-1920s, when the fashion scene was still fairly small, the only women in fashion were in the most conservative fashion and very, very conservative with the types of clothes they wore.

It took me a long, long time to really understand that there were more women who didn’t have the same types of clothing that I did.

I think it’s probably because they were in a position of power and authority and were more comfortable in that situation.

I did start to understand that when you were a woman, you didn’t really need to wear any clothes, and if you did, you probably wore a skirt and a top.

When you were in that environment, you were always going to wear a skirt or a top, because you weren’t allowed to wear anything else.

I mean, that was really the norm, and in the 1930’s, the clothes that were worn were quite conservative.

I’m wearing a red dress today, but at the height of the Depression, the whole industry was in a kind of crisis, so people were desperate to dress up and be glamorous.

There wasn’t much that was fashionable in those days.

I didn’t want any of that, so I just put on a red blouse and a skirt, and my mum said to me, you’re going to be a model.

I thought: OK, that’s my style now.

I’ll just do that for the rest of my life.

So, for a couple of years, I wore red blouses and skirts.

It didn’t change the fact I was a girl and I wasn’t a fashion model, but if I went out in public, I’d probably be asked: are you dressed up?

And so, my first big fashion show was a red one.

It’s actually a very popular thing to do in Brisbane, because there’s always a red light at the intersection of Broadway and Fitzroy St. So when I went up there, it was just so much fun.

The only people who were going to see me were people who saw me.

It just felt so exciting.

My mother and my sisters would all come up to me and say, ‘Look, your sister’s dressed up!’ and I would go: ‘Yeah, she’s dressed.

But she doesn’t have a dress on.’

They were very happy, because they knew I wasn topless.

The people who would have asked if I was dressed up were actually very respectful.

They were like, ‘Are you dressed?

Do you have a skirt on?’

And they were very, incredibly polite.

They would say: ‘No, I’m just going to go and sit down here, and we’ll go from there’.

I was very, extremely privileged because I was born in 1930.

That was the era when the women were really doing things in their own time

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