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‘Tattoo artist, musician and photographer’ named UK’s most famous person

‘Tattoo artist, musician and photographer’ named UK’s most famous person

NEW YORK — A tattoo artist, an American rock musician and a photographer have all been named as the UK’s top 20 most famous people in the world, according to a list compiled by the BBC and the BBC World Service.

The BBC World News’ list, published on Sunday, includes five American artists, a British musician and three British film-makers. 

The top 20 is comprised of the most influential people in Britain, said BBC Chief Content Officer Chris Evans.

The BBC said it did not make the top 20 to “celebrate the success of a year or more of great music, film and television, but to show people the global impact of these great works.”

The list is a collaboration between the BBC, BBC World, The Times and the International Emmy Awards, the BBC said.

The list was compiled by a panel of journalists from the BBC’s World Service and BBC World Now.

The top 10 is as follows:  The Beatles – 50 years, 60 albums, 25 movies and two TV series, 50th anniversary, 50 years and 60 albums; The Rolling Stones – 40 albums, five movies, seven TV series and three TV series. 

John Lennon – 60 albums and seven movies, 50 th anniversary, 60 years and 40 albums. 

George Harrison – 45 albums, eight movies, eight TV series or two TV programmes. 

Bob Dylan – 40 records, four movies, four TV series.(Getty Images: Alamy) The Rock – 35 albums, two TV shows, three TV programmes, 35th anniversary and 45 albums. 

 Queen – 30 albums, four films, two television programmes and two television series. 

    Jimi Hendrix – 40 music albums, three movies, three television series.(AP: Tony Gentile)The BBC’s top 40 artists: The Beach Boys – 50 albums, 50 records, 50 albums;The Beach Bums – 50 records and 50 records; The Beach Boys’ The Beatles – 20 albums, 20 albums; The Rolling Stones’ The Rolling Stone – 20 records, 20 records; Bob Dylan’s Blues Traveler – 20, 20, 40 records; David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars – 40, 40, 50, 50;The Rolling Thunder – 40 and 45 records, 45 records and 45 album.

The world’s top 10 celebrities: Bruce Springsteen – 80 albums, 40 studio albums, 35 studio albums;Bruce Springfields – 60 records, 30 studio albums and 30 studio records. 

    The Beatles: 50 records (19 albums), 20 records (24 albums); Jim Morrison – 50, 60, 80, 90 albums, 30 records (30 albums);John Lennon: 20 records and 30 albums.(AP/Opinion: Richard Curtis) Bob Marley – 60 album albums, 12 studio albums.(Getty/Lukas Coch/Lansing State Journal via Getty Images) Billy Idol – 40 studio records, six records and six albums.(Reuters: Jim Young) Queen – 40 record albums, 10 studio albums.