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What do women’s clothes say about Iran’s government and society?

What do women’s clothes say about Iran’s government and society?

By: Mariam GhanemIn the 1980s and 90s, Iranian women’s fashion was not as much of a concern as it is now.

But it was still important.

The new wave of Iranian fashion, known as the “pink revolution” in the country, has brought a whole new wave to the scene, one that aims to represent the Iranian nation in an entirely new way.

In the past, Iranian fashion was considered a bit of a throwback.

Instead of a lot of colourful colours, there was only a few colours of khakis and jeans.

Even in the 1980’s, Iran was considered the least colourful country in the Middle East, so many women’s designer jeans and jackets were simply black.

It was very fashionable in those days to wear a lot black.

In Iran, that would make you look like a slave.

Today, women’s style is very much alive.

It is a very new way of fashion, and it is very diverse.

In the past it was more of a conservative fashion, but nowadays it is much more feminine.

The first Iranian designer jeans are made by the Tehran-based fashion company Kata.

This brand is also one of the most popular in the region.

A very young fashion designer from Tehran, Mariam Ghannem, started her own brand Kata in 2014.

When she was 19, she decided to start her own company, which she named “Kata for Iran”.

This means “for the people”.

“It’s for the people who can’t afford to buy their own clothes, but they can get their clothes at a company that makes jeans and accessories,” she said.

She started her first fashion brand with a simple concept.

“I wanted to make clothes that women can wear,” she explained.

Kata jeans are produced in Iran by women from the capital, Tehran, as well as other major cities in Iran, such as Mashhad, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan and Shiraz.

While women are still a small proportion of the population, they are making a significant contribution to the overall fashion industry.

There are many reasons why this trend has been taking off in Iran.

Iranian women have always had a strong sense of pride in their looks.

They are proud of their culture and identity, and they are very aware of their cultural heritage.

One of the biggest factors for this trend is the government.

After the Islamic Revolution, the government began trying to take control of the country’s economy.

During the years of the Islamic Republic, Iran had been one of Iran’s major exports.

However, in the 1990s, the economic situation in the oil-rich country began to deteriorate.

As a result, many people in Iran were forced to leave the country and many were forced into exile.

Since the mid-2000s, Iranians have been living in various refugee camps in countries like Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.

Because of the economic crisis, Iran has seen an influx of migrants, many of whom are from the Middle-East and North Africa.

They bring with them a lot more wealth, and that is why there are more Iranian women designers and designers who are also women.

For example, in 2013, Marjorie Mokhtar, who is an Iranian designer, founded the brand, Kata for Lebanon.

With that, the fashion industry in Iran became much more open and global.

Most of the international fashion brands in Iran have now relocated to the Gulf countries, and many of them are now based in the countries where Iranian women are most visible.

Although this new wave has been happening for a long time, Iranian designer Jeans are now very fashionable.

They are much more affordable than what they used to be.

And they are also very stylish.

A number of Iranian designers, like Ghannam, are also working on creating clothing that is more feminine and less conservative.