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Browning Women’s Clothing: Free Women’s Gear for Women

Browning Women’s Clothing: Free Women’s Gear for Women

TechCrunch article Browning, the makers of the Browning Swimsuit and Women’s Swimwear line, recently announced a partnership with Women’s Wear Daily, an online fashion magazine that focuses on the style, style, and style-ness of women’s wear.

Browning has a long history of developing and releasing high-end swimwear for women.

The brand launched the first women’s swimwear collection at Swimwear Week in 2013 and has also released swimwear in the past.

The line has now expanded to include a women’s collection that is a mix of swimwear and accessories, including the browning swimwear line.

According to a press release, Browning women will be able to shop their swimwear at the Swimwear Store on Black Friday.

The Women’s line will also include the brand’s iconic women’s jeans and shoes.

For more on Browning’s upcoming women’s line, check out the brand blog post.

Update: As a reminder, the new line is only available at the Browned Women’s Store and is available for pre-order starting November 1.