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French women’s fashion line hits the runway

French women’s fashion line hits the runway

French women have taken over the world of fashion for the first time in history with a line of fashion-forward, butterfly-inspired women’s apparel, but a few French retailers are not taking kindly to the trend.

The trend was sparked by a pair of French women wearing the same style of pants and tops as the models they were inspired by in their fashion show in Paris, a French publication reported.

It’s unclear whether the fashion designers are actually inspired by the fashion models.

“There is no way for us to do anything but be proud of the French,” one designer told Le Parisien newspaper.

French women started the trend in 2009 when a couple of friends started making and selling their own style of lingerie and accessories called “tuxedo.”

“We thought, what would it be like if we were not so constrained and limited by the rules of the fashion world?

We wanted to be able to do something totally unique,” said one of the designers.

“It’s a little bit like the dream of the young women of today,” said a fashion designer who didn’t want to be named because he doesn’t want his name to be associated with the fashion trend.

“The idea of wearing the clothes in the fashion show is an incredible idea, especially when you see that the fashion industry is not even interested in us,” said the designer, who also wants to remain anonymous.

He says his goal is to keep the trend alive.

“I want to create a sense of independence, and also to be in touch with the people who are already here, to create new things,” he said.

“My hope is that someday this will become something we will never forget.”

But a number of other French retailers have been quick to point out that they aren’t following the trend because they don’t think it’s true.

“We don’t want people to see our clothing as a reaction to the fashion,” a store owner at a French clothing store told French newspaper Le Parisian.

“People want to know that we have clothes that they can wear.

That is why we sell it.”

The French fashion industry has been rocked by the wave of “glamour culture” in the United States, where young women in their early 20s have become a fashion trend for the past two years.

Many young women have become fashion stars, but some have been accused of appropriating the fashion of their parents’ generation for their own looks.

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