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What’s wrong with the fashion industry?

What’s wrong with the fashion industry?

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What’s wrong?

Women’s clothing is one of the most sought after items on the market and is also very expensive.

It has also become one of fashion’s biggest controversies as some brands, such as the brand A.P.C. have tried to distance themselves from the brand by making women’s skirts with their own logos.

The story

The brand has also been criticized by its sister company, Dora Milano.


P COO, Rakesh Jain says the company is not responsible for the ‘brand image issue’ and will work with the government to improve the quality of the product.
However, other brands are sticking by the brand’s ‘legendary’ image.

@aapCM_RakeshJain says we will work to make A. P.

C women’s fashion more iconic and less expensive.

The debate over the logo issue has also seen the brand struggle to secure distribution deals with retailers such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

More on the A.A. Milano controversy

<img src="https:\/\/www.brandspot.com\/images\/aap-brand-brands-brandspot-1024×768-1024px-1480px.jpg" alt="A.

A Milano brand spot” title=”AAP Brand brand brandspot” width=”1024″ height=”1480″ /> “We are not a brand or a fashion house, we are not an advertising agency.

We are not trying to sell products or make money,” A. A. Milani said in an interview.

AAP-brand brandspot by @aap_brands

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