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FourFour Two: What you need to know about the latest women’s fashion

FourFour Two: What you need to know about the latest women’s fashion

FourFourFourTwo – FourFour’s fashion editors take a look at the latest fashion trends in women’s style. 

And how do we know what’s trending?

Read moreOne of the most notable trends that we’ve seen in recent months has been a shift towards a softer, less buttoned up style.

And it’s not just women’s underwear.

As the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein have started to push back against the buttoned-up aesthetic, women’s casual wear is being seen on the rise too.

But it’s only in the past couple of years that the trend has begun to take hold in wider society.

A recent survey by online marketplace Shazam found that 57% of women who regularly shop online said they now buy more clothing in the form of blouses and dresses, compared to 42% who bought less.

The survey also found that the proportion of women buying in their sixties has risen by 20% over the past three years, with a third saying they were buying more casual clothes in that decade.

And as women’s waistlines continue to shrink, it’s becoming increasingly clear that women are looking for a way to wear their bodies more naturally.

For some, it could be a new look for their wardrobe, but for others, it might be a way of taking control of their shape.

One of those who’s started to embrace a more natural approach to dressing is American fashion designer Yvonne Maier.

The designer is the designer of a number of the current trends in the fashion world, including her latest design for the summer, the Maternity Couture collection, which features women’s tailored pants and dressy accessories.

And while it’s clear that Maier has found inspiration in women, she says she’s also made some changes to her own style.

“I feel that I am a more ‘natural’ person.

I’m not necessarily a fashionista, but I have this sense of what’s in the best interest of the body,” she says.

For the past five years, Maier, who now runs her own business, has been creating more natural versions of her designs, including a collection called The Natural Collection.

It’s all about embracing nature, and making yourself feel less of a burden.

The Maternity Collection, for example, is inspired by a woman’s daily routine, while The Natural is about “being in control”.

And while Maier admits she’s never been a “fashionista” before, she hopes that this collection will give women an opportunity to do more of what they love, without feeling like they have to conform to trends. 

But why is it important to look after your body?

Is there something inherently wrong with the way we’re wearing clothes?

In this series, FourFour two’s fashion editor, Stephanie Pappas, looks at why it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between fashion and fitness. 

Plus, Stephanie explains what the science of body image and body confidence really means. 

FourFour Two is a podcast produced by FourFourtwo.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter: @stephanieappas Read more about women’s health:

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