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Why you should buy women’s clothes at Macy’s

Why you should buy women’s clothes at Macy’s

Buyer beware: You’re getting an item you can’t afford.

But if you do, you might want to shop at the department store that’s known for selling top-notch women’s apparel.

The big-box retailer has long been known for its high-end women’s fashion, but the company has seen its profits shrink.

Now, its stock price is in freefall.

Macy’s is one of the most popular retailers in the United States.

The chain’s stock has been steadily falling since March and is down about 3% so far this year.

“Macy’s is not the most diversified retailer in the world,” said Peter Weisberg, an analyst at Jefferies in New York.

Macy was one of several major retailers that saw sales decline in the first quarter.

Its share price has fallen more than 8% since the start of the year.

Some companies, like Target and Walmart, have been better-served by the strong dollar and the recent weakness in the stock market.

Macy has a long history of making fashion choices that appeal to women.

But it has become more conservative in recent years, especially as the recession hit.

In recent years Macy has been selling more items for men.

That has allowed it to make its brands more affordable.

“Our focus has always been women’s and men’s,” said Macy spokeswoman Jessica Blevins.

But Macy’s focus is on women, not men.

Its “Barefoot and Fit” line, for example, is designed to help women dress for the cold and wet weather.

It has more than 40 styles, including a pair of “barefoot and fit” socks with a little snowflake in the middle, a hoodie with a big black heart, and a jacket with an elastic waistband.

But the company also sells women’s skirts and dresses.

That includes a dress that goes down to a size 8 or 9.

Macy said it doesn’t make any profit from selling women’s dresses and skirts, but it does make money from selling men’s items.

“We do our best to support women in all of our stores, whether it’s in the fashion department or in the home department,” Blevin said.

Macy started selling mens clothing in 1976 and started selling womens clothing three years later.

“That’s been Macy’s philosophy for a long time,” Weisber said.

But since the recession, Macy has made a lot of changes.

It opened a new department store in December.

Its Macy’s on Broadway in Manhattan is no longer a separate store.

The store has become the largest women’s department store outside of Nordstrom.

The company said in its annual report last month that it expects to make more money in the second quarter than in the previous year, but noted that it is “not at the point where we are profitable.”

Macy’s stock price has declined more than 3% since March.

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