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Fascist salute at FIFA World Cup matches

Fascist salute at FIFA World Cup matches

A man is seen wearing a fascist salute at the World Cup finals in Brazil.

The man is identified as Rodrigo Mancini, who has been linked to the right-wing Jobbik party. 

Source: Reuters A far-right party in Poland has posted a video online claiming to show an unidentified man wearing a Nazi salute.

The video was shared on social media on Wednesday by the Jobbix party, which is known for its extreme anti-Semitic and racist views. 

In the video, the man is heard saying, “I am a man of the far-Right, the fascist right.

It is a badge of honor for me, the leader of the Jobbs, that the footballers who are participating in the World Cups were led by us.”

The video shows a man with a white shirt, a hat and a mask standing at a large podium in front of the stadium where the games are being held.

He is dressed in a red T-shirt, a red bandana and a white jacket with the words “Jobs for all” written in large white letters on it.

In the caption accompanying the video it says, “Fascists will never give up the struggle.”

The caption continues, “The Fascist right will never cease fighting the forces of evil that will never leave the field of battle.

The Fascist will never be defeated.”

The Jobbx party has been on the rise in Poland, which has one of the highest rates of anti-Semitism in Europe.

The party has links to a right-leaning paramilitary group that fights illegal immigration and anti-Jewish discrimination. 

The Jobbs have previously denied any links to Jobbiki, saying they had no role in its organisation. Reuters

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